Skin sensitivity

You may never have had any problems with skin reactions until you’re pregnant. But now you may find your skin reacts to soaps, moisturizers, deodorants even your usual shampoo and conditioners. This change is generally due to hormonal influences, but just why some women are affected and others perfectly fine is a mystery.

Sometimes the culprit is perfumes and preservatives, colors and dyes. So if you are affected by skin sensitivity, err on the side of simple and keep your skin cleansing and moisturizing routine simple and mild.

What you can do about skin changes during pregnancy

  • Feel confident that nearly always, any skin changes resolve after the baby is born.
  • Be careful about what treatments you use and if in any doubt, check with a with a doctor, pharmacist or your maternity care provider. Read labels, check claims and do your own research until you are satisfied you are making a well informed decision.
  • Don’t compare your pregnancy experience with other mothers. Every pregnant woman is unique.
  • Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. This combination of factors always helps when it comes to any skin conditions. Keeping your skin hydrated will help puff out your skin cells and improve your general appearance.
  • Increase your dietary intake of essential fatty acids, found in oily fish, avocados, olive oil and fresh fruits and vegetables.