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6 Fun And Kulit Ways To Boost Baby's Physical Development

The first years of baby's life are the most important – this is when major brain and body development happens.

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Planning for your baby’s first birthday

Congratulations mommy and daddy! You’ve made it through your first year as parents. It’s milestone that’s definitely worth celebrating...

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When Your Baby Learns To Crawl

Along with all the other milestones of infant growth, there is one that puts babies on the move for the first time - crawling. The need to explore the world of mobility makes your baby want to go beyond sitting:

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Moving Baby 17/09/2020

Why child’s play is important

Some parents are not aware of the importance of play in early childhood development. Play is the way a child learns about the world around him.

Moving Baby 17/09/2020

Is your baby a kulit bulilit? Here's why its a good thing

A pediatrician explains why it's important for baby's development.

Which Food To Avoid When Pregnant | Huggies Malaysia
Pregnancy 17/09/2020

Pregnancy Diet Tips: What Not To Eat

During pregnancy there are various reasons to be extra careful about what you eat – it is important to know which foods are safe to eat and which you need to avoid.