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MSG and Pregnancy

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) has been a controversial topic for discussion over decades.

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Listeria in pregnancy

Pregnant women are constantly warned about the dangers of listeria.

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Which Food To Avoid When Pregnant | Huggies Malaysia

Alcohol and Pregnancy

It’s important to understand that alcohol can affect an unborn child’s development.

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Pregnancy 17/09/2020

Build Your Relationship As You Become New Parents

Although research suggests that the majority of new parents still assume the traditional roles of the male provider and female carer, most don't discuss their new roles and responsibilities.

Pregnancy 17/09/2020

How Many Weeks Pregnant Are You?

Congratulations, you think (or know) you might be pregnant! But it can be quite confusing when you try to calculate the number of weeks.

Pregnancy 17/09/2020

36 Weeks Pregnant – What To Expect?

Meconium is the sticky, black tarry substance which will form his first bowel motion. Some babies will pass meconium while they are still in the uterus and this can be a sign that they are distressed.