Importance of genetic counselling before becoming pregnant

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Reasons Why Genetic Counselling Is Essential Before Pregnancy

  • Sometimes, delving into your family history may uncover information about blood relatives with hereditary disorders.
  • Family history may mean that you may (or may not) have a greater risk of passing on genetic disorders (like cystic fibrosis), chromosomal disorders (such as Down's syndrome) or congenital defects (like cleft palate).
  •  Some of the more common genetic diseases include Haemophilia, Thalassaemia (more common in those with a Greek heritage), Tay-Sachs disease, sickle cell anaemia (more common in those with an African heritage), and cystic fibrosis.
  •  A specialist genetic counsellor can help you understand your risk of passing on a hereditary disease and how you might manage this risk or what other decisions you might make.
  •  Other reasons to seek genetic counselling may include a history of repeated miscarriages or a blood relationship between partners.
  •  Your doctor can arrange a referral if you are concerned and need to get more insight into the subject.