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Planning for your baby’s first birthday

How To Prepare For Your Baby’s First Birthday

Congratulations mommy and daddy! You’ve made it through your first year as parents. It’s milestone that’s definitely worth celebrating.

While some parents prefer to go all out, others choose to keep the celebration simple. Regardless of your preference, a lot of planning is involved in arranging a memorable first birthday bash for your baby.

From where to host a party to what to serve your guests, here are a few tips to consider:

Start with your guest list

Some elements of your party depend on your guest list such as budget, venue, food, activities, and entertainment. A short guest list which includes immediately family and maybe ninongs and ninangs could mean a more intimate arrangement in a smaller venue such as the home. A bigger list with extended family, friends, coworkers with kids might require renting a venue and splurging more on activities that ensure both adults and kids are entertained.

Choose a theme      

While you don’t really need to pick a theme, picking one makes it easier to narrow down colors, decorations, and other party details. The theme of your baby’s bash could be anything under the sun - a color, a character, a nursery rhyme or an animal. Pinterest comes handy when it comes handy when looking for party theme inspirations

Plan your menu

Putting the menu together is the next most important task after completing the guest list. Whether you’re cooking at home or having your party catered, it’s important to select dishes that cater both to adults and kids of all ages who will be attending. If you can, double check beforehand if any of the attendees have food allergies or restrictions so you can consider them in the dish selection. Be prepared by keeping a pack of Huggies Pure Clean Wipes at bay so you can easily clean up after your messy eaters with just one wipe!

Consider baby’s schedule

When scheduling a party for your one-year-old, it’s worth looking at their schedule too. Baby experts recommend throwing party just after baby’s nap time so they are well-rested and don’t get too fussy. Being around too many people can be overwhelming for your little one, so it’s ideal to limit the party to one to one and a half hours.


Note: While we are glad to share these party planning tips, we at Huggies support the Philippine government’s COVID19 social distancing guidelines. We encourage mommies and daddies to be prudent and adhere to government restrictions by postponing large gatherings and opting for alternative ways to celebrate one of their baby’s most important milestones.



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