Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the K-C Mom Squad?

    K-C Mom Squad is a group of chosen Huggies Club members who are willing to participate in online interviews and discussions with K-C representatives about their experience in using various products and their perceptions of brands.


  2. How can I join K-C Mom Squad?

    Simply participate in the survey and choose YES as answer to the last question ‘Are you willing to take part in the K-C Mom Squad’. You will get a chance to be selected.


  3. What will I receive when I become a member of K- C Mom Squad?

    You will receive a FREE package of assorted Kimberly-Clark products every three (3) months.


  4. How many products will I receive if I am selected to be a member of the K-C Mom Squad?

    It will be a mix of Kimberly- Clark products (Huggies, Kotex, Kleenex, Depend, Purity Cotton).


  5. What do I expect when I become a member of K-C Mom Squad?

    Someone will reach out to you when there’s group discussion requirement. You will be invited over zoom maximum 30 minutes call only.


  6. How many interviews Kimberly Clark will do every quarter?

    At least 1 interview. But it could be more depending on the K-C requirement.


  7. Will there be extra incentives when I join the K-C Mom Squad?

    Gift certificates will also be given at the end of the year depending on your level of participation. The more interviews you grant, the more GCs you will receive.


  8. Will it be Tagalog or English interview?

    Tagalog and/or English. It depends on what language you are most comfortable with.


  9. Will there be a contract agreement between K-C and the K-C Mom Squad members?

    Yes, we will send you an agreement once you are selected as member of K-C Mom Squad.


  10. Does the contract agreement have an expiration date?

            Yes, 1 year contract agreement.