Baby Proofing The House - What Does It Mean?

Baby proofing the house simply means that it’s time to convert your home into a child-friendly environment. From making sure that every electrical socket is baby-proof to all the sharp-edged furniture is either kept away or has been “baby-proofed” with softer elements, the chances of any disaster striking your baby should be nil. This is essential once your baby starts crawling around and becomes mobile enough to explore his surroundings.

Here are some suggestions to keep things safe for your newly-crawling tot:

  1. Get on the floor and look at things from your baby's perspective. This way you’ll understand what is in his reach and what is not.

  2. Remove any small objects from the floor (dropped coins under furniture, etc). Choking hazards are absolutely avoidable, isn’t it?

  3. Remove anything your baby might be able to pull, like phone cords, electrical cords or drape pulls.

  4. A small area rug on un-carpeted floors will protect your baby's hands and knees. This will help in avoiding any unexpected bruising.

  5. Safety-proof the entire house (cabinets, wall outlets, toilets).

  6. If you have stairs in your home, it’s a good idea to add gates in front of them – both on the top as well as bottom.

  7. Now that your baby is mobile, he may (and probably will at some point) end up where you don't want him to be. Be safe and baby-proof everything. More importantly, never leave a baby unattended.

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