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Pregnancy glow


Most women have heard of this but are at a loss to explain what it actually means. During pregnancy there is an increase in circulating blood volume to almost 50% more than normal. All this blood causes the face to appear redder and generally ruddier. These factors combined with the increase in oil production (sebum) adds to a slightly shiny appearance to the face; hence the term pregnancy glow. Although you may feel you are far from glowing when you are pregnant, particularly in the middle of summer. But it is one of those terms which people generally feel is a positive and nice thing to say; a compliment when perhaps they don’t really know what else to say.

So if someone tells you you’re glowing, then be polite and thank them, it’s generally said in a positive manner.


There is no specific treatment for pregnancy glow. You and your baby actually need that increase in overall blood volume to keep your little one oxygenated and well looked after. And as for the oil? You could try using an oil free cleanser if you feel your skin has become too oily and consider what moisturizer you’re using as well.

You may need to change your usual cleanse/tone/moisturizing routine and products, even if you’ve been loyal to the same brand for years.

To understand more about skin changes during pregnancy, find out more here.

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