Skin Changes during Pregnancy

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Skin Changes during Pregnancy

Even if you’ve never really thought much about the condition of your skin, becoming pregnant may change all that. Your face may take on an entirely different “glow”; tiny veins may start appearing on your cheeks and chest, and for some reason you feel as if you’re revisiting your adolescence when pimples start appearing out of nowhere. Don’t feel you’re imagining all this.

Skin changes during pregnancy are common and although most of them can be grouped into the category of normal, it’s still useful to have some understanding of what causes them and what you can to limit them.

What causes skin changes during pregnancy?

The general culprit is hormones, in particular increases in estrogen and progesterone. During pregnancy, these are the primary hormones which cause the widespread changes which are necessary to support a baby towards maturity. Their levels and secretion cannot be controlled or influenced in any particular way by a pregnant woman.