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Build Your Relationship As You Become New Parents


Build your relationship as you become new parents:

Although research suggests that the majority of new parents still assume the traditional roles of the male provider and female carer, most don't discuss their new roles and responsibilities.

A lot of new parents often have unspoken expectations about what their partner should do, what each parent should provide, even basic details about domestic duties, based on their own family background. These expectations that haven't been communicated can lead to conflict.

It is suggested that before having a baby, partners should certainly discuss how they will share household duties outside core working hours, what the financial plans are, and how each partner will get some time out alone after their baby is born. This sort of planning is bound to make your relationship stronger despite new experiences and responsibilities.

Financial preparation before having a baby:

Although babies don't need much in the early days (even though there’s an array of products available in the market) the most difficult thing for most couples to handle is the loss of income when the baby's primary caregiver stops working, which leads to stress and tensions.

If you both choose to continue working, child care can be an expensive affair.

A visit to an accredited financial planner may help you to identify how to manage your finances for your new family, and avoid disagreements down the line.

Cutting down on indulgent sprees, impromptu expenditure and other random expenses is the first step towards achieving financial security for your new family.

Post baby relationships for parents:

We all know that everything changes in your life after the arrival of baby, especially your relationship with your partner. How we cope with these changes will make a big difference to how your relationship continues to grow.

Author, Alison Osbourne, has addressed this very problem in her book “The Post Baby Conversation – What new parents need to say to each other”. She shares a few tips with us below.

  • Take an interest in each other (rather than just in the baby) – give your partner at least 5 minutes of undivided attention each day to check in and engage without distractions.
  • Create reciprocal arrangements around time out – both parents need frequent breaks from work and family
  • Schedule couple time
  • Offer willingly – don’t wait to be asked.
  • Stop expecting – start requesting.

Have more questions on pregnancy? Join a support group (if you have not done so!). Motherhood represents a completely new phase in your life and a community of new mothers who can journey with you will be helpful! Pregnancy tips, parenting tips, free diaper samples and exclusive diaper offers shared on the Huggies Club platform can ensure you are best prepared for your newborn child too.


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