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17 Weeks Pregnant – What To Expect?



Your physical changes this week  


Due to the extra blood supply to your body, hot flushes are common in this week.  Many of you might observe red palmer lines on your palms. Nothing to worry as it is just the extra blood supply.

A little bit of care on your part is needed regarding your body posture. Like, bend from your knees if you are lifting a heavy object. Let the powerful muscles of your thighs do the work.

If you have sciatic nerve pain it is advisable to try to sleep with as many pillows you feel comfortable with to shift the weight. It will help if you lie on your side with a pillow between your knees and keep your upper leg knee bent on the pillow. While sitting, it will give relief if you put your feet on a foot stool.

Paint your nails with nail-hardeners as your nails are prone to look brittle and flaky.

Your baby's changes this week

  • The baby’s growth rate increases
  • The sex of the baby can be determined now
  • Baby's legs look long and disproportionate
  • Blood vessels are visible on the tender, taut skin of the baby
  • Tiny nipples are formed on baby's chest
  • Baby's deciduous teeth are formed in gums
  • Fingerprints of your baby have started forming
  • Baby has started moving, stretching and yawning too.   

Baby's weight has almost doubled and is about 13 centimetres in length.

The baby's long legs are flexed at the knees and ankle. Calcium has started depositing in the bones, getting the supply from your dietary consumption.

The fluoride intake from your water consumption is vital for the oral development of the baby as primary, baby/deciduous teeth are now formed in the gums.

Hints of the week

Abruptly standing from sitting/lying positions may cause your blood pressure to drop which might cause you to faint. So, stand up in slow, deliberate motion.

At this stage, you might feel it necessary to visit your eye specialist. Maybe a change in lens will be prescribed. If you are using contact lenses, it might feel uncomfortable. Don't be alarmed, it usually resolves after the baby is born.

Maintain hygiene in areas like the groin, armpits, under the breast areas. Wash frequently to avoid rashes caused by friction of skin. Wear loose and comfortable cotton clothes.

Doing yoga, water aerobics, Pilates and getting physiotherapy done helps to strengthen the muscles to keep your spine aligned.

For your aching legs, lie down with your legs elevated and try to sit whenever you can. Some of you might feel better wearing a support hose which helps is blood returning up your legs.

If you have a toddler and want to hug or cuddle him/her then sit down and encourage your toddler to climb up to your lap and then hug. This way you don't need to bend down.  Use a stroller when you are going for a walk with your toddler.

Your clothes which you could wear easily till now, might not be fitting well. Might be time to get some new clothes.

Talk to your baby and connect with him/her. You never know, you just might feel the baby move in response.

Pregnancy does change many things about your body and one of those things may be your heart rate. It may increase while you are pregnant. 

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