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Going Overseas


Travelling by boat

Some pregnant women find they experience motion sickness for the first time when they travel by boat. Medication is generally not recommended but one option which has shown some positive results is acupressure bands. These place pressure on the acupuncture points on the wrist. Try getting plenty of fresh air up on the deck and focusing on the horizon. Watch what you eat if a buffet style meal is on offer. Cold processed meats and pre-prepared salads can be risky in terms of harbouring Listeria. Preferably, eat only hot food and if in doubt, don’t risk eating something you’re not sure about.

Be careful about your drinking water and only drink from sealed bottles. Ice cubes, water for tooth brushing and residual water on salad leaves and fruits have all been responsible for countless upset tummies.

Travel by car

Pregnant women can be unsure about using a seatbelt when travelling by car. They worry that the pressure of the lap band particularly, can cause undue force on the baby or placenta. Seat belts save lives, of pregnant women and anyone else who is wearing one. The consistent, evidence based advice from experts is to always buckle up.

Watch what you eat in terms of take-away food and try to take your own meals and snacks with you. If you have to buy food on the way, try to eat at a busy fast food restaurant which is more likely to have strict food handling regulations and a fast turnover of food items.

Air bags are protective in the event of an accident. There is no increased risk during pregnancy if an air bag is activated.

Travelling by public transport

Try to time and plan your trip to optimize your chances of getting a seat. In the early months of your pregnancy, before you start showing, you are unlikely to prompt any empathy from other commuters who would otherwise give you their seat. But you may feel just as in need of one then as you will when you progress nearer to term.

If you do need to stand for the entire length of your trip, try moving your legs a little and aim not to stand in the same spot for too long. If you need some extra exercise, get off a stop or two earlier than you usually do. This incidental walking is an ideal way of increasing your aerobic exercise.


It is important to check your immunization status before travelling to another country. Some vaccines which contain live viruses are not recommended during pregnancy, but those with no live constituents tend to be safe. Check with a specialist travel doctor or clinic to assess your risk of communicable or infectious diseases when travelling.

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