How to find out and confirm if you are successfully pregnant

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Ways To Check If You Are Successfully Pregnant - Blood Tests & Home Pregnancy Tests


For many years, home pregnancy tests have been most women's first choice to confirm their suspicion that they might be pregnant. Home pregnancy tests are inexpensive, disposable kits available over-the-counter at every chemist shop.

Using a home pregnancy test is a great way to choose a convenient time and place where you're most comfortable, before getting a pretty accurate result.



Pregnancy tests based on urine samples are so accurate these days that blood tests are rarely used to confirm pregnancy. Blood-based pregnancy tests used by doctors are estimated to be more than 99 percent accurate and will test for the presence of hCG. Some tests will check the level of hCG, which may give an indication of how far along the pregnancy has progressed. A blood sample is generally sent to a pathology laboratory and results are available in a day or two.