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How To Keep Your Baby Feeling Fresh

Young babies don't need bathing very often. They don't get dirty in the way older, crawling babies do. You can keep your baby clean and fresh by 'topping and tailing', also known as a sponge bath. It's also handy for older babies if you are away or even if you just run out of time for the full bath routine.


Things you’ll need:

  • Cotton wool or two soft clean cloths
  • Bowl or sink of warm water
  • Hand towel for drying
  • Fresh diaper and clean clothes (if necessary)
  • Bin or bucket for waste


Going about top and tail:

  • Wash your hands. Lay your baby on his back, either on your lap, a changing mat or somewhere clean that is dry and warm. For an older child have them sit on your lap or stand next to you.
  • Undress him, leaving his diaper on.
  • Wipe your baby's face, neck and ears with a damp wash cloth or cotton wool.
  • Dry with more cotton wool or a dry cloth.
  • If your baby has a 'sticky eye', clogged up with dried mucus, wipe each eye from the inside corner to the outside, using a piece of cotton wool dipped in cooled, boiled water (use a clean piece of cotton
  • wool for each eye and wipe only once with each ball).
  • Now wipe his underarms and hands with a cotton wool or the damp wash cloth, and dry gently with a towel.
  • Take off the diaper. If you are dealing with a newborn, wash any dried discharge that may have come from the cord stump.
  • Wash the bottom and the genitals well and pat dry.
  • Massage him with baby lotion to soothe and relax your little one for bed time.
  • Place a clean diaper on your baby and dress him.


These simple steps are sure to keep your baby feeling fresh without any discomfort.


Newborn 24/09/2020

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