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10 Things To Keep In Mind When Your Baby Cries

  1. As tough as it may seem, try to remain calm and positive
  2. Be patient as yelling back at your baby will not help.
  3. Remember that you are not alone in this and let it be yet another learning experience in the world of parenthood.
  4. Prepare for a day-out or a trip by carrying snacks and some of his favourite toys to help distract him during a bout of crying.
  5. Don't plan activities for when your child is normally tired or hungry; it's a recipe for disaster.
  6. If the crying is getting to you and you're starting to feel tense, take a deep and long breath and walk away for just a few minutes and clear your mind.
  7. Babies sometimes cry for no reason and there's nothing that you can do to calm them down. Keep comforting them and hopefully they’ll settle
  8. Use a diversion (favourite toy / a song / a way of cuddling) as quickly as possible when you see a tantrum coming on.
  9. Babies and toddlers cry; even when you're out in public. Don't stress and definitely don't change your method of dealing with tantrums just to keep the peace. A shift does not prove to be beneficial for your baby’s overall growth and well being.
  10. Bounce, swing, rock or jiggle. Any fast rhythmic movement is likely to soothe your little screamer. The more agitated they are, the more vigorous your movements should be.


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