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Some not so common diapering tips

Changing diapers

Be a pro at diapering with these not so common tips

Did you know that your baby can go through over 2,000 diaper changes on their first year?  While that number makes changing diapers sound like a chore, with enough practice, the right techniques, and proper support it will eventually be a breeze. Be an expert at diapering with these not so common tips from Huggies.

Mask the diaper smell with menthol candy or essential oils

Even the most scent-averse parents can still struggle with a fully loaded diaper. Experts recommend sucking on menthol candy or lozenges. Others suggest dabbing on a little bit of peppermint or cinnamon essential oil in between your upper lip and nostrils. You could also try putting a little bit of toothpaste on a surgical mask if you don’t have candies or essential oils on hand.

Think of the diaper as an all-purpose tool

Diapers can serve as additional layers to your changing pads, as extra wipes, and shields from unwanted showers.

Place a clean Huggies Diaper underneath your baby’s backside as an added layer between the changing pad and the dirty diaper. Having the clean diaper directly under also allows for a quick switch.

Use the front end of the dirty diaper to clean any excess poop before thoroughly cleaning baby’s bum with wipes.

You can also use a clean diaper to cover baby’s urethra to protect yourself from an unwanted shower.

Use Huggies Clean Care Wipes over baby’s tummy before opening their diaper

They say that it’s the cold temperature change that makes a baby pee while changing diapers. Making baby’s tummy cold will trigger them to pee before you take off their diaper. To avoid this, start every diaper change by wiping baby’s tummy with Huggies Baby wipes. Then, wait a few minutes before opening baby’s diaper.

Use olive oil for meconium

This is a popular tip among moms, midwives, and doctors alike. The first poop, which contains the sticky, green, tar-like substance that lines your baby's intestines during pregnancy called meconium, has been known as very difficult to clean. Experts suggest putting a little bit of olive oil or petroleum jelly on baby’s bottom before the meconium appears to make cleaning baby’s skin during the first few diaper changes. Don’t forget to consult with a pediatrician first before using any product on baby’s skin.

Try switching to Huggies Dry Pants

If you have an active baby, switching from taped to pants would be worth considering. Active and fussy babies are usually harder to keep still and change. Pants can easily be slipped on and off during changes.

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