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Things You Didn’t Know About Diaper Pants

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Things You Didn’t Know About Diaper Pants


If you’re a traditional parent, you might not have even considered using diaper pants yet. What you’re missing however is that diaper pants can be very beneficial not just for you, but for your growing bundle of joy as well! Here are just a few things you may not have known about diaper pants that may make you consider the switch.


  1. Diaper pants require less skill to put on!


    Some parents pride themselves in their excellent diapering skills. The art of taping it secure while your baby squirms in the changing table is a talent not many of us get to even master. Fortunately for the modern parent, this need not be the case! Diaper pants allow you to just slip them onto your baby and instantly give an all-around comfort fit. This is even more useful the older your child gets as they become more active and more playful.  


  2. You can tear the sides of the diaper pants to remove it from your baby


    You’ll be more pleased to learn that removing dirty diaper pants are even easier than putting them on! That’s because Huggies® Dry Pants are designed to have sides that tear off for quick removal, so you no longer have to pull them down like regular pants. Just tear off, roll, and dispose!


  3. They provide just as good protection against leakage


    Manually taping your baby’s diaper securely gives you a feeling of assurance that you personally saw to it that it’s secure and will not leak due to your baby’s movement. While it may seem like this particular benefit gets lost the moment you switch to diaper pants, we can tell you with a great deal of confidence that Huggies® Dry Pants are engineered to also have maximum leakage protection. Moreover, it’s even been designed to accommodate even more movement from growing babies so you don’t have to worry about your baby’s diaper leaking on you!


  4. You can use diaper pants to complement tape diapers

    If you’re considering night training your baby, you can swap out your child’s tape diaper before bed with diaper pants! There is an added benefit of it not coming loose in the middle of the night and its slimmer profile makes it comfortable for your baby. Not to mention, it’s great at reducing his or her anxiety while they make their journey into potty training.



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