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Is Your Baby Ready to Switch to Pants?

Baby smiling

Is Your Baby Ready to Switch to Pants?


Diaper pants are an incredible tool for parents with growing babies! However, if you’re like most parents, you might not realize when the appropriate time is to make the switch. Is it time to take your baby to the next level? Ask yourself these questions and find out!


  1. Is there an increase in movement?


    There’s nothing quite as exciting as seeing your baby get more active! But with those fateful twist, turns, and tumbles, know that you’ve already signed yourself up to chasing after them more and more moving forward. And as you’ll soon discover, the more your little bundle of joy moves, the less his or her taped diapers become effective at staying in place. It’s at this time that diaper pants can be beneficial to you and your baby. Huggies® Dry Pants’ all around comfort and easy palit design makes sure that it can take your growing baby’s wiggles, kicks, and leaps.


  2. Are you going out more?


    If you and baby are starting to go out to see the world a lot, you’ll discover that finding an adequate place to change traditional taped diapers will start to become harder and harder. Coupled with a growing active baby that won’t stay in place, diaper pants can be a convenient replacement because it needs less space to facilitate changes. With your baby standing up, you can just pull down, clean up using  Huggies® Clean Care Baby Wipes, slip on a new one, and you’re all set for more adventures!


  3. Considering potty training?

    There’s hardly a hard-and-fast rule to when your child should begin potty training. However if you feel like he or she is ready to have a go at it, diaper pants can be a very useful tool for you both! It can serve as added protection in case your baby doesn’t make it to the bathroom in time, and also serves as a learning aid for your baby to grasp the idea of pulling down his or her underwear whenever she needs to go.


    If the answer to most of these questions is a resounding “yes,” then it’s probably the ideal time to switch to Huggies® Dry Pants! It’s the ideal diaper to keep active babies that are always on the go nice and comfortably dry.



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