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How To Breast Feed Correctly?

Breast-feeding is new to your baby as well as to you, and you may both need enough practice before you feel you've got it right.

If everything is fine, your baby's first feed can take place straight after birth. Make sure you both are comfortable and remember, getting your baby 'latched on' right means you’re bound to be at ease, and your baby will get a good feed too.

You may need to support your breast from underneath with your hand, but don't have your fingers near your nipple or areola as you could prevent your baby getting a good mouthful of breast milk.

Don’t try to 'post' your nipple into your baby's mouth - it's 'baby to breast' not 'breast to baby', so bring him on when his mouth is wide open.

This can all be quite tricky at first, and it can be really helpful to have a midwife with you to guide you into latching on correctly.

Even at this early stage, the way the baby actually feeds from your breast is very important. If it's not right, breast-feeding can make you sore and lead to an unsatisfying feed for your baby.

If you’re wondering about which breast to use or not use, follow what your baby wants to do. Some babies want both breasts at each feed, and you can offer the second when your baby seems to take a break. If he doesn't want it, just offer the 'unused' breast next time.

Hope this helps in making your breastfeeding experience a stress-free one.