Build on the theme through accessories

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Build on the theme through accessories

Planning the design of the baby’s nursery is an exciting activity for expecting parents but often it can be time consuming with all the decisions that needs to be made. When it comes to choosing a theme and decor to match, decorating for the nursery allows more room for fun and creativity, but where should you begin when faced with endless baby nursery designs to choose from?

A good way to choose a theme for the nursery is to go with an idea that you have a connection with, perhaps a favorite pastime or a nursery rhyme. As you’ll find that with most themes, depending on the color scheme you choose can be tailored to either sex.

Needs some inspiration?

For extra inspiration, check out what ideas the professionals have come up with and adapt some elements that you like into your own theme. If it’s a popular theme that you’re after, visit the kid’s section at a book store for current ideas. But remember, a nursery theme doesn’t necessarily mean you need to base it on a popular character. Themes can be built around simple and clean color schemes, fabrics and patterns. Many mums opt for choosing a set of baby bedding that they like and using it as a source for the theme or color scheme.

A practical approach to creating a customizable nursery is to choose neutral furniture pieces and wall treatments and elaborate on the theme through adding accessories. Apply the theme throughout the nursery in your choice of accessories like bedding, rugs, lamps, mobiles, wall art and curtains – all of which are items that can be easily switched when it comes time to redecorate or refresh the look of the decor.

No matter the style of baby nursery design you have chosen, be sure to pick a theme that appeals to you and create a safe and cozy environment for your precious little one.