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How to Keep Baby Happy in a Car Seat

If your child falls asleep the moment your car sets in motion, consider yourself lucky. Parents often complain about their flustering experience with kids that dislike the car ride. For first-time parents, having a child crying and screaming at the top of his voice, can induce panic and stress.

Usually, crankiness arises from lack of mobility. Outside of the car, your baby has more freedom of movement and attention than you can provide while he’s strapped in the backseat of your car. So how do you help your little one cope while maintaining your cool?


Here are some tips that will help you keep your baby happy in the car seat.

  • Keep pacifiers in reach. Make sure the pacifiers are in baby’s reach. This will keep them distracted and entertained.
  • Keep toys handy. See to it that the toys are handy. If there’s something you can hand the baby that he can play with or use as a teething ring, it will keep him occupied for quite sometime.
  • Play with your baby. If you’re on a long trip and the baby is getting restless, sit the the back and play with your baby for a while. Siblings are also a great help in such situations. This can really lighten the mood.
  • Play some music. We love to listen to good music to better our mood and our babies are no different. Ensure there is music playing in the car. You may want to get a little toy that makes music that the baby can hold. Alternatively you could also get a personalized rhyme CD that can entertain your baby while you’re concentrating on the road.
  • Tune Rotation. Experiment with the kind of music you play in the car. Some babies enjoy the rhymes and songs made especially for the young children, some enjoy soothing music while some will surprise you by falling silent the moment you tune up your favorite number.
  • Hang a mirror. Place a large mirror right in front of the baby in a way that allows you to see each other. At times, your baby might be crying out of the fear of parental abandonment. This will resolve that problem.
  • Pull up the shades. Put up a sunshade in the window if you suspect that sunshine in your little one’s face may be a problem.Poster child. Hang a kid-friendly poster in the back of your car facing your little one. A poster with bold primary colors will draw his attention and keep him occupied. Change the poster every once in a while to keep him engaged.